To be able to tune out, to be alone in populated areas is a mannerism of unique people. Walking, long and patient walking, standing under the rain, waiting, capturing the moments...

Dare to dream. Approach people and objects without a mask, discover their true essence without devotion, not allowing yourself to surrender to an easily evident and poorly nourishing truth. Go beyond the surface of it all, conquering any fears 
arising under the dark and heavy skies.

I see Photography as an externalization of soulscapes: streets, 
clouds above the cities, endless captured personifications of 
their innerselves. Absorbing, inhaling, observing people, buildings 
and objects and subjecting them to alchemy...talking about the 
silence, about whispers... The romance and the record of a moment 
in time. Passion can be seen through the lens.

We live in a Modern world in which intimacy is devastated and 
politics are omnipresent and omnipotent. It is killing with silence 
and whispers the cradle of all beginnings: freedom.

Dare to dream...

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