Shame, humility & silence (words by Lucius Bod)

My thoughts were elsewhere until you came. Your need was stronger than my dreams and the energy you sought from me is now yours. The healing within and without takes me to a deeper level of despair, but also of hope.

 Clumsy thief, broken man. Arrogant and lonely you are because the shiny gem you took will be lacklustre and turn into a void.

An unwelcome surprise leaves traces of cheap wine and desperation. I am cold now, cursing and full of vengeance! Your cheap wine and desperation are burdens to be you die every minute and I am reborn.

When I let myself feel the softness of my being, waves crash inside me: Water from my hands, my eyes, my hair. Your dirty rain drips from me to the floor.

From the depths of my contempt shall rise my consciousness of how meaningless your search for life is. My shine is not dimmer, but stronger and your souvenir won't last. Good-bye, tourist.

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