Shame, humility & silence (words by Lucius Bod)

My thoughts were elsewhere until you came. Your need was stronger than my dreams and the energy you sought from me is now yours. The healing within and without takes me to a deeper level of despair, but also of hope.

 Clumsy thief, broken man. Arrogant and lonely you are because the shiny gem you took will be lacklustre and turn into a void.

An unwelcome surprise leaves traces of cheap wine and desperation. I am cold now, cursing and full of vengeance! Your cheap wine and desperation are burdens to be you die every minute and I am reborn.

When I let myself feel the softness of my being, waves crash inside me: Water from my hands, my eyes, my hair. Your dirty rain drips from me to the floor.

From the depths of my contempt shall rise my consciousness of how meaningless your search for life is. My shine is not dimmer, but stronger and your souvenir won't last. Good-bye, tourist.

Interview With Goran Popovic-Coga by Lucius Bod at V69 Gallery

LB: When did you decide to become a photographer?
GPC: At the age of 16, I started to make photographs in the improvised darkroom which was a bathroom in my parents’ house and at that period it was already clear to me that photography is a perfect media to express myself.
LB: Do you prefer black & white or colour photography?
GPC: Always black & white, I found it more appropriate and at the same time more challenging to articulate atmospheres in my photographs.
LB: How do you define “good” Photography?
GPC: For me, good photography is one which can knock you down at first impression. And as you watch it more and more, “good” photography has power to draw you into it, so you can feel it all around you, in all your senses.

LB: We would love to know what you’re working on at the moment.
GPC: I am preparing myself for one big project in which I would like to present my vision of matriarchy.
LB: How does your creative process begin for each photo?
GPC: I have a sketch book in which I archive all ideas which come on my mind in any moment, any occasion. As most of my photographs come from the streets, there are two ways of creating it; first one is the moment of situation when I see something what intrigues my mind and second one is when I go on purpose to find object which will perfectly suit pre-planned concepts.
LB: Do you look back at your first works and explore new versions or do you always move forward?
GPC: I am trying all the time to move forward in every way. At the same time, some of my series are open so I will work on them ’till the end.
LB: Are there pieces you have created or captured that you will never part with?
GPC: As a matter of fact, there are and it’s not a question that I will never part with but I have never published them. Maybe I will… some day.
 LB: There is a certain Oriental influence in your work. Where did it come from?
GPC: I am pretty much obsessed with Japanese tradition and culture, especially with samurais and their way of living, so this a very big compliment for me if it can be seen in any way in my work.
LB: Who or what inspires you at the moment?
GPC: The world around me and inside me.
LB: How do you relate to other artists?
GPC: I was and I am open for any kind of collaborations, exchanges and discussions to improve ideas or anything that could help in the creation of art in general. I like to work not only with photographers, but with various kinds of artists.
LB: What influences your work the most?
GPC: Human states of mind, definitely.
LB: Thank you for sharing your views and your work with us.  We look forward to being delighted by more images from you.

By Lucius Bod  © V69Gallery

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